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WordPress is Simple, But WordPress Is Not Easy

Simple WordPressWordPress is simple – WordPress, much to the credit of the WP core team, is designed for  simplicity. We at Marketing Press agree that WordPress is simple, but we also feel too many confuse its simplicity with it being easy.

Let’s backup a moment. Yes, anyone at close to any level of technical acumen can develop WordPress site. That doesn’t mean that they will be able to develop something that is sophisticated and is in line of meeting project requirements such as branding, brand messaging and conversion goals.

When Marketing Press hosts WordPress training or mentoring sessions,  we’ve tried to replace the term ‘Easy’ with ‘Simple’. Creating posts, pages and even working with a theme to get it to look a certain way can be done by almost anyone. (Which is something we love.) When it comes to theme customization and developing a website that looks different than a blog it’s not that easy.

By no means are we trying to knock anyone’s site or get people mad at us, what we’re trying to do is set a precedent moving forward. If Marketing Press (or WordPress Developer X) says to clients that, “Your site will be easy to develop” yet present them with an invoice for an amount of money that creates a situation where said client says, “I thought it was easy, why is the project going to cost so much?”

When something is perceived as easy, the value is less. You minimize the effectiveness and the power of the platform and your WordPress expertise. The solution: let’s agree it’s not an easy platform to work with — there are tons of things we’ll be the first to say WordPress doesn’t do well, but it’s a simple platform that anyone can you use to the best of their ability.

We love WordPress, but not every day is a walk in the park in the world of WP.


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