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Simple WordPress Sidebar Tips

WordPress SidebarPreviously, we’ve written about WordPress sidebars and basic strategy when developing your site. This is a followup article for those who are new to WordPress or may still have some questions about how to effectively use the sidebar.

There is a simple rule we use when we put together the content for the sidebar of any WordPress project.

Make the content useful. So simple, so clear-cut, so effective, but very often ignored.

What Is Helpful Sidebar Content

  • Contact Information or Subscription Opportunities: Using the sidebar to assist your site’s conversion is a win-win situation. There’s nothing worse to a user than being frustrated, because they can’t find your contact information (or a way to get more information.) Use this prime real estate to help them get more information and see what that does for your site or your business.
  • Give Visitors More Information: Use the sidebar to link to your site’s relevant posts or pages. Give people more of what they want. How do you know what they want? Check your analytics and monitor your posts.
  • Show Them You’re An Expert: We use our sidebars to give away valuable white papers on topics relevant to our business. This is a great way to give your audience something of value and solidify your position as a subject matter expert in your field. (It’s no wonder that Marketing Press’ WordPress SEO Checklist is our most popular post and download.

These three examples of helpful sidebar content will help your users navigate your site better, plus help your site work towards the bigger goals of conversion, community or commerce.

What are other helpful tips you guys have to make your WordPress sidebar more useful? Leave a comment, let us know — share your knowledge.


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