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WordPress SEO Plugin | WordPress Plugin Review

WordPress SEO PluginThere isn’t a WordPress professional out there that won’t agree that WordPress SEO is a controversial topic. Ok, controversial may be a bit strong, but everyone will have their own opinion on SEO. Marketing Press believes that good WordPress SEO is a SEO strategy that plays within Google’s rules and what gets results.

Play nice (for the most part), get results, get noticed and get your site to convert.

There is one SEO plugin that will help every WordPress Developer and WordPress user alike and conveniently enough it’s called, WordPress SEO.

WordPress SEO

This plugin developed by Joost de Valk (pronounced Yoast), is all that you need to get your WordPress site on track to ranking. We won’t bore you all with all the bells and whistle about how Yoast’s plugin does what it does or why it does what it does, but let’s talk about how simple it is to use. Follow these instructions to address the most important onpage SEO factors.

Steps to using WordPress SEO Plugin

  1. Download and activate the plugin from the WordPress repo
  2. Create original content for your site or blog. Google’s Panda update brought the smack down on duplicate content and people who publish duplicate content. Everything starts with original content. (The content should also include at least one image and some outbound links — but not too many links. Penguin penalizes site that are over optimized with too many links that are keyword stuffed. Walk the balance here with great caution.)
  3. Scroll to the bottom of your page or post and click on the WordPress SEO general tab
  4. Add a focus keyword
  5. Create the SEO Title – remember to use a keyword or key phrase
  6. Fill out the meta description. Although, this description has very little SEO value, it’s important since it’s the description that shows on the results page. Think of it as an ad for your page or post — make people want to click on your link.
  7. Click the Check SEO button. Green means go. Yellow equals needs improvement. Red is a SEO failure. The WordPress SEO plugin will then provide in detail what you need to fix to improve your content’s SEO. Review, Refine and repeat this step as often as needed until you get a green light.
  8. Press publish

Yoast’s SEO plugin also creates a google xml sitemap, which alerts Google to site changes since the last time your site was indexed. Other SEO plugins don’t communicate directly with your SEO plugins, and other SEO plugins don’t communicate with your sitemaps — so this is a bonus.

Prior to using WordPress SEO we used other SEO plugins or SEO functionality that came built into to premium WordPress themes, but since switching to WordPress SEO, we couldn’t be happier with the results. Try it for yourself, it’s free, and you can export your site’s current SEO settings and import them, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting WordPress SEO up and running.

Have questions about site’s SEO? Feel free to drop us a line.

Rating: 5
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