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When Is Enough Enough in Marketing? | Episode 59 | Marketing Press TV

Is anyone else tired of all the Fan Duel and Draft Kings fantasy football ads on TV? We started thinking, when is enough enough when it comes to marketing? Are you alienating your audience, or are you generating so much revenue that you don’t care? The answer is probably somewhere in the middle. Please subscribe […]

WordPress For Recruiters

Not long after we founded Marketing Press, we started developing WordPress sites for recruiting firms. In fact, this was also the beginning of our Bullhorn To WordPress system. Armed with the knowledge of the recruiting industry, WordPress development, and conversion marketing, we want to share tips that make your site your most powerful business development […]

Marketing Press Opens WordPress Development Office in San Diego

We are excited to announce that Marketing Press has opened a WordPress Development Office in San Diego. “Southern California has always been a favorite place for Marketing Press to work, and it was time to bring our WordPress Development expertise a little further west,” says Marketing Press Founder Greg Taylor. Marketing Press’ service offerings will […]

Becoming a Better Storyteller | Episode 58 Marketing Press TV

Telling a good story about your brand, your clients and your successes is a must in today’s marketing landscape. There are everyday media personalities and resources that can help you become a better storyteller and hone the craft of storytelling. Also, make sure you check out our friend Park Howell’s amazing podcast The Business of […]