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Transparency in WordPress and Business

Do you have business secrets? I bet you think you do, but you don’t. The sooner you realize this, the quicker you will rise in your profession and see your business grow. This article is about transparency in the WordPress world, but can be applied where applicable.


This article is for everyone who works with WordPress. I don’t care if you are a paid professional, part-time blogger or someone who messes with WordPress time to time — this is for everyone. There is a time in every project when you must complete the site. Completion and finality looks different to everyone, but […]

Importing Large SQL Databases

Importing a SQL Database is one of the most important steps when launching new WordPress sites. But what happens when your database is larger than 8mb or the standard phpMyadmin upload limit? What can you do to keep the launch on track and not jeopardize the launch? Of course, you instantly say the answer is […]

Why Personal Branding Sites Are A Good Idea

Remember the adage, you are not your job? I agree —  you are not your job, but you are a collection of your interests. I am not only a part of Marketing Press, but I am also someone who enjoys public speaking, contributing to other blogs, music and sports. Most of that information is appropriate […]