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The Intern Series – The WordPress Community

I’m going to be extremely honest here – while I may have been writing these article entries, and pretending to be completely sound on owning and running a WordPress site, I don’t actually have one of my own! Sure, I do my little posts here on Marketing Press, but outside of that, I’m actually kinda […]

The Intern Series – Layers of Your Site’s “Onion”

If you think about it – websites are almost like onions (just nod and stay with me now). There are so many aspects – or “layers”, if you will – to the company, group, or person that runs the site. These layers are like the DNA that makes up the owner and give important information […]

The Intern Series – Book Covers & WordPress Themes

While browsing through the aisles of my local library (you know, the establishment that holds billions of bounded paper with printed words on it?)(That was a joke, by the way) I realized just how quickly I was reaching for books that were aesthetically pleasing to me. These books had intriguing titles and alluring cover art; […]

Why We Dare to be Different and Encourage You To Do the Same

Our society isn’t always accepting or especially kind to those that are different. In fact, it often seems that conformity is the glue that binds the world together. We find this very surprising and short sighted. After all, isn’t it those that are not afraid to buck the status quo that change the world? Change, […]