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WordPress Powers a Quarter of the World’s Websites

The first full version of WordPress was released for use in January of 2004. In retrospect, I doubt many realized (perhaps not ever Matt Mullenweg or co-founder Mike Little) how quickly this platform was about to change the landscape of the internet. Over the past decade, WordPress has caught on like wildfire. Interesting WordPress Statistics: […]

How To Produce Video Content For Your Blog : Episode 35 Marketing Press TV

Producing video content for your blog is much easier than you think. In this latest episode of Marketing Press TV, we explain how we create our videos and where they are broadcasted. We don’t do anything fancy. For the sake of velocity, we switched from a high production to a DIY video concept. This allows […]

Perfection Is The Enemy of Progress : Episode 34 Marketing Press TV

Are you waiting for the perfect situation to launch you project or idea? Are you waiting for the project to be perfect? If you are, you are missing out. Perfection is the enemy of progress. If you wait for perfect, experiencing progress is difficult. Launch early, launch often and iterate. Trust me, it works. Please […]

Create A Branded Process To Be Different : Episode 33 Marketing Press TV

No matter what business you’re in doing good work only gets you into the conversation. If you want to be different than everyone else in your business create a branded process, and live the process to enhance the experience. Please subscribe to Marketing Press TV on YouTube – where we give our viewers quick WordPress […]