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Kids, WordPress & The Digital Harbor Foundation : Episode 30 Marketing Press TV

I received a call from my sister letting me know that my 11 year old nephew built a WordPress site at a Kids Hackathon with the Digital Harbor Foundation in Baltimore, MD. This was exciting for many reasons, but I was really interested about his experience and learning more about Digital Harbor. I set up […]

Is Your Site Ready For Prime Time TV?

It was 4pm on the West Coast and I received a phone call from a weird number: “Is this Joshua Ziering?” “Who is this?” I fired back. “This is Steve from _______ hosting. We have you as a contact on an account…. Your website is receiving an extraordinary amount of traffic and is crashing the […]

What’s New With Marketing Press TV : Episode 29 Marketing Press TV

We wanted to take a minute and let everyone know what’s new with Marketing Press TV, why we changed the show format and what we are trying to accomplish. Filmed on location at the Marketing Press offices. Please subscribe to Marketing Press TV on YouTube – where we give our viewers quick WordPress Tips & […]

Quitting and Failure in Marketing : Episode 28 Marketing Press TV

Often we see or hear about marketers quitting a marketing strategy or initiative too soon. When you are dealing with content marketing or social media, marketers quit too soon before their work has any chance of producing results. Content marketing (and social) is a long play, and needs to be given the time it deserves […]