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Small Business Series: What Goals Should I Set For My Small Business Website?

[This is part two in a multipart series. If this is your first visit to Marketing Press’ Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business, please check out the series from the beginning.]


Prefer to listen? Hear Greg Taylor discuss what goals you should set for your new WordPress site.

We are big believers of beginning with the end in mind.

Sound familiar? It is Stephen Covey’s second rule in Seven Habits of Highly Effective PeopleWhen it comes to building an effective website for your small business it is essential, to begin with the end in mind, that is, know what you want your website to accomplish. 

When Marketing Press works with small businesses we make sure to spend a lot of time discussing the state of the business, and what we are trying to accomplish. Goals need to be clearly defined from the start. 

Goals Defined

I believe there are only three goals to think about for your site.

  1. Creating a platform for content: Your content will position your product, service or brand for better search visibility and get you noticed in your market for your subject matter expertise. Also, this platform can and should serve as the go to place for your clients (and potential clients) to get valuable knowledge of your company or products.
  2. Forming a community for product, service or brand: Communities are important if you want cleints to become loyal. In our first post of this series, we cited the WordPress community of users and developers as one of the reasons Why You Should Use WordPress. Now, think about what would happen if you had that same force of community behind your company? Pretty powerful stuff.
  3. Gaining Conversion: Conversions are when a website visitor to act in a manner that helps your business. Some conversion points are newsletter subscribers, contact or product requests, purchases if you are an E-commerce company or even a good old-fashioned phone call.

The Website Goal Elephant In The Room (or on the page…)

When I speak at WordCamps (which are a great way to hone your WordPress knowledge and meet some great people) I usually ask, “Does anyone think I left anything out?”

Inevitably someone screams from the back of the room, “Making MONEY! I want my site to make me (us) money! That’s the goal of my website.”

Generating revenue is important and the ultimate sign of a successful website. My answer to this remark, however, is always the same, “Generating revenue is NOT a goal in itself, it’s a byproduct of meeting your goals.”

Your Business, Your Site

Now that we have the goals defined, what do you want your site to do for you? Only you can answer that question, and not every goal can be successfully accomplished on every page of every WordPress site.

To determine what goals are most important for your small business website answer these questions

1) Assuming you have an existing site, can your site be found in search results when someone searches for your name, product, service, or any of the proceeding with adding your location?

If NO, you need a content-centric site.

2) Do you participate in regular events either as an attendee or host?

If you said YES, a community-based site may work well for your business.

3) Do you send out newsletters, email blasts, or sell anything from your site?

These are the traits of a conversion-centric site.

4) Would publishing articles in a timely manner help your customers know how to use your products or services, and position you as a subject matter expert in your industry?

This is indicative of a content-based WordPress site.

Determining goals for your site is the foundation for any future development and successful small business website.

WHAT’S NEXT: Next in the Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business we talk about your target audience, how to find them and how we want them to find you.

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