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Small Business Series: Understanding Analytics & Measuring Progress

[This is part eight in a multipart series. If this is your first visit to Marketing Press’ Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business, please check out the series from the beginning.]

Prefer to listen? Hear Greg Taylor discuss Why WordPress is perfect for your small business.


[Important Note: If you do not have a Google Analytics account, go to analytics.google.com and sign up now and install the tracking code. Installing analytics a key component to launching your site. If this step was missed, install now, and check back on the data in a week.]

Before you read this article I want your mindset to be: Review, Refine, Repeat. Marketing Press’ Review, Refine, Repeat process starts after content is created and the site is launched. This is the process we will use repeatedly to keep the site progressing.

Before you decide whether or not the site is working towards your business goals it is wise to take a moment and review the site’s analytics and performance. This data is contained within the site’s Google Analytics account.

We need to review the data. What pages are people visiting? Where are the coming from? What are the entrance and exit paths for the WordPress pages? What is the site’s overall bounce rate?

This data lets us know whether we are moving in the correct direction. For now, we can keep it simple and use the Review portion of Review, Refine, Repeat.

Review what is working for the site

  • Are your key pages getting traffic?
  • Are you getting people to fill out forms and contact the business?
  • What pages get the most traffic?
  • Do you see a pattern of return visitors to the site?
  • Is traffic coming from important keywords and search phrases?

These are all indicators of a healthy start for the site. If the site’s content is working for the business, now is the time to figure out how to do more of the same that works. Conversely, if the data is not trending in the right direction it is time to make some changes and try something new. (This is the Refine part of our Review, Refine, Repeat process.)

Reviewing analytics and measuring progress is an ongoing process. If you incorporate the review and refine process into your monthly web tasks the WordPress site for your business has a greater chance of working for the business. We can’t stress enough that this is a process and not an event.

NEXT UP: Next in the Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business we discuss Iterations and Making Adjustments To Your Site.

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