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Small Business Series: Iterations and Making Adjustments

[This is part nine in a multipart series. If this is your first visit to Marketing Press’ Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business, please check out the series from the beginning.]

“Perfection is the enemy of progress.”

Prefer to listen? Greg Taylor discusses site changes and iterations for business’ site and they matter.

Too many times we see clients and businesses who wait for their WordPress site to be perfect before they launch the site. This is the worst trait of many small businesses when it comes to web development and digital marketing.

When WordPress is the web platform of choice for your business you can increase the velocity of which you distribute key company information and news. Along the same lines, WordPress assists you in making changes to content that doesn’t work as well as it should, or flat out misses the mark.

In the last post, we discussed the importance of a Review, Refine, Repeat strategy. After all the data is collected and measured you can now refine (or iterate) your content and/or site attributes like colors and images. This way you the changes you make based on data will help the business achieve the goals set.

Once the changes and iteration are complete we enter into the Repeat portion of Review, Refine, Repeat. Start the process all over by measuring data collected for the changed content etc. and refine the changes to work better and so on.

When your business uses WordPress to power their web presence you have the power of using an iterative process. As long as the business can understand that the site is never truly complete, it will work for you.

NEXT UP: Next in the last installment of The Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business we wrap up by talking about WordPress updates.

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