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Small Business Series: Creating Content For Your Site

[This is part six in a multipart series. If this is your first visit to Marketing Press’ Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business, please check out the series from the beginning.]

Prefer to listen? Marketing Press Founder, Greg Taylor discusses content creation for your business.

Content development is one of the most important parts of creating a website that works for small business. Without well constructed and executed content, your website has an underwhelming presence with little chance of helping for your business. Check out this link to my WordCamp Phoenix 2014 presentation for additional insight into content creation  – What Is Your Site Without Content And What To Do About It.

Different Types of Content

  • Web Pages
  • Blog Posts
  • Photos and Images
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Ebooks

The web is full of great resources for content creation. Rather than re-state what other content marketing experts say, I wold rather provide you with a list of valuable links:

Convince and Convert led by Jay Baer: Develop a content strategy in seven steps.

Content Marketing Institute: Content Creation – What Should I Write About?

CoSchedule: How To Plan A Content Creation Process Your Small Business Can Actually Achieve

[Convince and Convert is a client of Marketing Press!]

Foundation Content For Your Website

I do not want creating content for your site to be daunting. Content creation is a process that never ends. Successful business sites are constantly publishing content for their site. A consistent stream of content keeps visitors coming to your site and increasing the chances of your site being used as a resource.

Top Tips For Great Content For Small Business

Be Helpful: Content that helps your audience get answers they need is engaging content. Too often businesses want to be promotional vs. helpful.

Many times it feels like if you are being helpful there is a possibility of losing a sale; and although this may be the case from time to time; it is more important to be looked at as an industry expert, which will lead to greater revenue and loyal customers in the future. Think long-term when it comes to being helpful.

Be Clear and Concise: When it comes to page content make sure your message is being received in the way it is intended. It is important not to assume the audience will understand what you mean; say what you mean in the simplest way.

Concentrate on the Home Page, About Us, Contact Page and Services Page: Do not worry about how many pages your site has, but rather focus on the quality of the content on the pages. Each page should tell the audience why your product and/or service is important to them and have a clear call to action.

Your call to action should tell your customers what the next logical step is in the process of using your service. Good example calls to action that work are: “Sign up now for your FREE DEMO” or “Did we miss anything? Contact our team and we can help you get what you need.” Be strategic and make sure to tell the audience what they will receive by contacting you. Please note, you are making a promise to your visitor. The best way for your visitors to build trust in your company and services is by delivering what you promise.

Brevity: There is no magic formula for the perfect length for your content. Marketing Press abides by one simple rule — the perfect length of content for your site is whatever it takes to clearly and concisely convey your message.

Do not overlook how your content is packaged or as Jay Baer says, “Merchandised.”

If you want more in depth views of content creation, please refer to Marketing Press’ library of WordCamp talks we delivered over the years.

Winning The Search War With Content: WordCamp LA
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If your site has a successful content strategy you will begin to separate your business from the other competition. Take your time, consult an expert if needed and create content that moves the business in the right direction.

NEXT UP: Next in the Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business we begin to scratch the surface about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to put it to work for your WordPress site.

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