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Small Business Series: Creating a Branded Website

[This is part five in a multipart series. If this is your first visit to Marketing Press’ Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business, please check out the series from the beginning.]

Prefer to listen? Greg Taylor talks about the importance of the branding on your business’ site.

It is very expensive to build a brand. It takes time, money and other resources to ensure everything in your company is  synchronizedBranding to us is everything from social media personas  to printed collateral to your website.

When it is time to create a WordPress site for your small business all the details matter. It is important to think about the imagery, verbiage, color profiles, and primary content that is presented to the visitor. Any gaps here will lead to client or consumer doubts and objections. Many of the visitor’s doubts and objections may be unwarranted, but why create doubt when you can foster a sense of security.

Tips For Creating a Branded Web Presence

  • Make sure all colors match your corporate brand and identity.
  • The images used on your website should evoke emotion with your visitors.
  • All language needs to reflect the language of your industry and something your clients will identify with.
  • Give the visitor multiple ways to connect with the company, whether online, in person or on the phone.
  • If possible refer to the same font or complimentary fonts as any printed collateral.

We want to instill confidence in your visitors when visiting your site. The best way to instill confidence is to make sure all branded items line up. The more everything is congruent, the more confidence your visitors will have in your company.

When it comes to creating a branded website for your small business the devil is in the details.

NEXT UP: Next in the Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business we dive into how to develop effective content for your WordPress site.

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