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Search Engine Results Tool: Where I Rank

SEO Rank Checking ToolWhere I Rank is a great tool developed by our friends at VUURR for everyone and anyone to check their search engine results.

This FREE tool is accurate by using data is compiled from Authority Labs, and it couldn’t be any easier to use. Simply plug in your desired keyword and your url and Where I Rank will return your Search Engine Results Page for Google and Bing.

“Where I rank gets you past the google personalized results that may skew your objectivity when gauging success.” – Chris Conrey, VUURR

If you’re like us, you always want to know that your site is meeting your objectives and SERP is a big part of the puzzle. Also, if you’re like us, you are always signed into your Google account,  which influences your search results. Google calls it personal search. Personal search is great for relevant search results, but not so great for marketers, web developers and SEO. [Here’s a good article if you are interested in disabling Google’s personal results]

“Quick, Objective rank tracking results delivered in less than time than you can search yourself” – Josh Ziering, VUURR

After following suggested WordPress SEO best practices, Where I Rank makes things easy for you to check a site’s search performance on the fly. Now, with confidence you will know exactly where your site ranks and take personal search results and cached information out of the mix. Yes, there are more sophisticated tools that many of us use, but when it comes to empowering the client to check their own progress — nothing beats Where I Rank.

For More Information on Where I Rank — Check Out VUURR’s Post.  We encourage you to test it, use it — we’re sure you will love it.

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