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Convince and Convert



Convince and Convert
Headquartered in Bloomington, IN with consultants across the country, Convince and Convert is one of the premier social media and content marketing agencies in the world.


Jay Baer and his team wanted to refresh their current design and move convinceandconvert.com from being a high-powered blog to a full blown digital marketing site.

Starting with a great design from Mioduski Design, Marketing Press wanted to help Jay and the team achieve their goals of increasing email signups, creating better defined content categories and content buckets, give the Social Pros podcast a dedicated archive with a better presence.


The Marketing Press team took the design and interpreted it for a better mobile experience. The responsive site highlights key conversion points and content for the mobile user.

With all of the content being reorganized, we worked hard at re-allocating all posts to their new categories, while using 301 redirects to preserve the link equity and social proof for the content.

Marketing Press’ Jeremy Scott rewrote and redesigned the social sharing tools to pull true social proof counts from the various social networks (being conscious of the 301s in place.)

Lastly, the Social Pros podcast has it own archive page that helps users (both desktop and mobile) find exactly the podcast they are interested in, while introducing the audience to other content (and sponsor content.)


Convinceandconvert.com was built with a custom child theme using Marketing Press’ starter theme CHAPTER ONE on the Genesis Framework.

The site is hosted on Websynthesis by Studiopress.


The new site was launched to rave reviews posted on the site:

“The site looks fantastic! One of many reasons I follow you and your team.” – Tory Hamilton

“GREAT new design Jay, it’s clean, crisp and definitely designed to ‘convince and convert’. This is one of the best redesigns I’ve seen in this space for a long time – seriously. Kudos to you and the team.” – Loz James