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More Than The Career Podcast : The Show About People

Marketing Press is proud to announce our new podcast: More Than The Career.more-than-success-show-small

I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a show for some time now. 2014 brought us Marketing Press TV, which has been a great short form WordPress and digital marketing show, but now we want to venture into something a little bit longer.

Why Start a New Podcast

The real reason I wanted to start a new podcast is because I don’t have enough going on, and I wanted to fill my day. Yeah right. I am not going to hide from this, we all know the benefits of creating a community and getting your voice heard.
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Another reason I wanted to start THIS show is because as an entrepreneur and a busy person, I want 2015 to be the year where I can define my work life balance better. More Than The Career Podcast is designed to highlight who people are, and not so much what they do.

What More Than The Career Is NOT

This is not another WordPress or marketing podcast. I am a fan of many WordPress shows, and I’ve been a guest on WP Watercooler, DradCast and most recently WP Elevation, these guys are great and I didn’t want to crowd the space, compete for listeners, or anything of the sort.

This is not a show about business or work. (Ok, maybe it is a little, but not really.) I wanted to use this outlet as a way for me to talk about some of my other interests with interesting people and let everyone know both of us better.

Sign Up For Pre-Launch Content & Enter to Win a Pair of BEATS Headphones

If you go to morethanthecareer.com now and sign up for the show you will be entered to win a pair of BEATS Headphones. (Contest ends 1/15/15)

So What Can I Expect From More Than The Career Podcast

We are trying to demonstrate that we are all more than what we do. We know a whole lot about what people do, let’s now learn about what makes people tick and who they are.

The format is simple. This show will have approximately a 25 minute run time. At this run time the show is designed to be a commuter or treadmill listen. After the intros and formalities are exchanged, the guest will have a couple of minutes to tell us about what they do. That’s it — 5 minutes. After that, we’ll engage in a conversation about who the guest is and hear more about what makes them who they are.

When, Where, How, Who

The show launches on 1/15/15 over at morethanthecareer.com and will be syndicated on iTunes through Podbean. The show will be recorded as audio and video via SKYPE. The videos will be posted on the More Than The Career site and the Marketing Press YouTube and my personal Vimeo account. Plus, being a content creator I am sure I’ll post bonus content as it’s created.

We have a great list of guests we want on the show, and I am debating whether or not to make that public, but we are aiming high.

Here’s the caveat to all of this: I have never hosted a podcast before, and it may be rough in the beginning. I’m not afraid to say that I will probably suck at first. Hang in there, feel free to give constructive feedback, and I promise I will get better.

Give us a listen, and check it out.

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