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Managed WordPress Hosting

What is Managed WordPress Hosting? When does it make sense to use managed hosting (over a self-hosted solution?)

When Marketing Press works with clients we always try to assess their technical aptitude, so we can then make the proper hosting recommendations. This straightforward approach works well for everyone involved in the development of the project.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed hosting is when your WordPress site is hosted by a company that takes care of all the necessary WordPress updates and makes sure your site is running in an efficient and secure manner. Marketing Press has previous experience with Pagely and WP Engine, although there are more providers currently in the market.

“When the cost of your time to fix and upgrade your blog exceeds the profitability, it’s time to get your site managed.” – Josh Ziering / VUURR

When Does Managed Hosting Make Sense

Managed hosting is built to scale for WordPress and nothing else. Should your company or your site be so lucky to be featured on Mashable, HackerNews or through traditional media outlets — your site will be able to handle the intense spike of traffic. Standard hosting isn’t always capable of scaling WordPress to thousands of requests per second.

Managed hosting doesn’t come without additional costs. Yes, this hosting solution does cost more than a self-hosted solution — but with the cost comes value.

“Managed WordPress Hosting is more expensive, but that cost pays off when your site gets national or global attention, and you need to serve thousands of new visitors. Top that off with top of the line security, and support teams that are WordPress experts themselves. Many WP Engine customers say that not having to worry about optimizing their servers can save several hours each month, not to mention sleeping peacefully knowing that their site’s security is guaranteed.” – Austin Gunter / WP Engine

Marketing Press has recommended and used Pagely for a number of client sites. From a WordPress Development angle, it’s very nice to know that after you hand off a site to your client that their in good hands. The team of managed hosting team of WordPress experts have their site’s security and maintenance taken care of, and should something go wrong they have a hosting expert ready to help them with technical support. This is where everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

We acknowledge that managed hosting is not ideal for every client, but it’s nice to know that the WordPress community has the option of having everything handled in a professional manner.

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