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Infortainment In Your Content | Episode 53 : Marketing Press TV

Infotainment is when you inform and entertain your audience at the same time. It’s a great way to capture attention and let your audience learn from your message. Look at educational staple Sesame Street, which has been around for 45 years. Sesame Street has been using this principle and educating children while keeping their attention span. If this tactic works for children, how do you think it will work for your audience.

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Hey, everyone, Greg Taylor here, and today I want to talk about infotainment. Hey, thanks for watching. I’m Greg Taylor, founder of Marketing Press, and today I’m going to talk to you about one of my favorite categories of content and distributing content and how content is produced, that’s called infotainment. So there’s no secret why something like Sesame Street can be popular for 45 years. Just think about the longevity of that show, 45 years. And if you’re a kid of “the ’70s” or a kid of “the ’80s”, I’m sure that you have memories of watching Sesame Street and watching how they produce their content and how they present it to their audience.

It’s very entertaining, it’s funny, it’s done in the skit fashion, but more than anything, it keeps your attention because it is all of those things. So as a marketer, if you can produce something and have a voice or produce things in a media that has some sort of entertainment value, your audience is more likely to retain the message, they’re more likely to come back for more messages, and they’re more likely to share it. Think about all the stupid viral videos that go out there that do have some sort of a message to them or a moral to the story. They’re always entertaining. Nobody sends a long content that there isn’t some sort of entertainment value.

Entertainment can be many things. It doesn’t need to be necessarily funny. It could be dramatic. It could be a tearjerker like a lot of the homeless video type stuff that’s done. But it’s all sorts of things, but it’s all entertaining. So next time you’re producing a podcast, a video like this or a blog post, think about the entertainment value. Is it there? Are you keeping people’s attention there? Us marketers and advertisers, we’ve really deluded peoples’ attention span and we’ve really poisoned the pool of quick, flashy, everything has to happen in an instant. So I challenge you. Go ahead. Your next piece of content, go ahead, and leave us a message here.

Post this video and leave it on a social network and say how you’re trying to make your content a little bit more entertaining. So I hope you took something from this. It was actually great to talk about and flesh it out for our own purposes. So feel free to share this video with your colleagues, your friends, and leave a comment on your favorite social network. Don’t forget, if you want, we’d love you to subscribe to our YouTube channel and you could do that by going to Marketingpress.com/youtube. Thanks. See you later. I guess that doesn’t really work with glasses on. Okay.

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