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How To Hire A WordPress Professional

WordPress ProWe are always asked the question: How do I hire the right WordPress professional for my project?

To be honest, that’s an easy and a not so easy question to answer. First off, yes Marketing Press is a WordPress Design Company in Arizona. We specialize in WordPress only, but that doesn’t mean that every project we come across is right for us — so not every WordPress professional will be right for you.

There are simple ways to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to WordPress people. This by no means is a complete list of how to select a WordPress professional, but it’s the eval process we use when it comes time to partnering up and aligning with other companies.

What to look for in a WordPress Professional

  • Rather than ask how long their company has been in existence — Ask how long they’ve been working with the WordPress platform? Gauge their response accordingly.
  • Ask to see their WordPress portfolio. What other sites have they worked on. Don’t get caught up in comparing names you’ve never heard of with brand names. There are many large brands out there with FUBAR’d WordPress sites, as there are many smaller businesses with a WordPress design that was incredibly executed.
  • Are they an active member of the WordPress Community. If they aren’t — you should really wonder why they aren’t.
  • Do they fit your budget? There are many projects that come across our business development desk that are out the scope of the budget. You can’t spec out a Cadillac if you are only willing to fund a KIA (or any other car of similarity.)
  • Is there synergy? Do you guys get along and can you see yourself working together for a certain period of time. This process isn’t always fun, but it should be fun.
  • Did you Google their name? If you do a search for the WordPress Developers name are the search results complimentary? (Be fair and remember the Internet isn’t always fair to everyone, be consider the context of the articles.)
  • Do you get any red flag feelings at all? At any point in the conversation if red flags are raised, move on to another person, agency or WordPress developer. There are so many great developers out there that you need not waste time with someone you are skeptical of.
This is meant to only be helpful guidelines to hiring the right person for your project and is not the end all be all list of questions and qualifications. At the end of the day, you need to find the right person for the job and someone who will work with you.
Here is a great resource of WordPress Professionals from WP Candy. Best of luck — we know you’ll find someone perfect for your project.



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