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Small Business Series: Finding Your Audience

[This is part three in a multipart series. If this is your first visit to Marketing Press’ Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business, please check out the series from the beginning.]


Prefer to listen? Hear Greg Taylor talk about finding your site’s audience and why it is important.

When it comes to your WordPress site the theory of If You Build It They Will Come is flawed thinking. Just because you spend time creating a new website for your business it does not guarantee you will get site visitors and traffic. Too often, people have a set it and forget it mentality, which only leads to failure.

Who is my audience?

Before investing time and money in a new WordPress site think about who you are trying to reach. Marketing Press always asks our clients three questions:

  • What does your ideal client look like?
  • What information does my ideal client want and need?
  • Where do your clients (or prospective clients) hangout online?

Once we know the answers to these questions we can start to create an audience profile or persona. Figuring out the personas of your clients is a powerful exercise. Once determined, the persona will tell us how to speak to the intended audience, what content is appealing to them and where to broadcast the content.

Here is a way to answer the above questions and begin identifying an accurate client profile for your small business:

What does your ideal client look like?
If you have customers already start there first. What common traits do these existing clients have? What is the typical business size you work with in both revenue and employees? How do they use your product or service? Start simple and build your ideal client profile from here.

What information does my ideal client want and need?
This answer will position your site to become a helpful resource to your market. For a company’s WordPress site to be successful and considered a resource, it needs to help its’ visitors. An easy way to answer this question is by keeping a log of questions internal customer service representatives answer. If someone asks a question on the phone or in person, I guarantee tons of other people are using search engines to answer the same question.

Where do your clients (or prospective clients) hangout online?
This the part of the process where we begin fleshing out where to broadcast your content. If there is a large social media presence in your industry, post content from WordPress to networks like Facebook or Twitter. If your ideal clients use your site as the place to get answers, we can employ various search functionality on the site.

This is just the beginning of creating a client profile for your small business. Companies like Audience Axis specialize in educating business owners in finding their market.

Before we can expand your sphere of influence and your market reach, it is important to start with your existing business. Our three question exercise is the beginning to finding out what type of site a business needs to manage and how to construct the content that helps them become loyal to a brand. (Note: This is the beginning of your content and design strategy.)

NEXT UP: Next in the Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business we discuss hiring a WordPress Developer or developing the site on your own.

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