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The Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business


The most important marketing tool you have for nearly every small business is its’ website. If your website is not your best marketing tool it may be time to re-think things.

We created the Complete Guide for Small Business Websites to give instructions, insights, and details on how to build a great web presence for your small business. Whether hiring a WordPress Development Company or developing the site independently let this guide be a blueprint for success.

The Complete Guide To Websites For Small Business covers the following topics:

  1. Getting Started — Why use WordPress for my small business?
  2. What goals should I set for my site?
  3. Who is my audience? How can I find them? How will they find us?
  4. Hiring a WordPress Developer or going at it alone
  5. Creating a branded WordPress site
  6. Content Development
  7. Search Engine Optimization
  8. Understanding Analytics & Measuring Progress
  9. Iterations and Making Adjustments
  10. WordPress Updates

Ready to get started? Good, we are too. All article are also available in podcasat format.

Marketing Press’ Complete Guide for Small Business Websites is designed to be a step-by-step guide for getting your website up, running, and working for your business. Once, you go through all 10 steps, bookmark the pages and use this as a point of reference for the process and future development of your site.

Part ONE: Getting Started — Why should I use WordPress for my small business?

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