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Popular Blogs From a Millennial’s Perspective

As a member of the elusive Millennial generation, I can definitely say that we are a rare breed – and also extremely hard to read. As a generation is driven by smartphones, apps, and photo filters, studies have shown that our generation is extremely fascinated and are drawn to blogs and articles more than any […]

Commitment Before Call-to-Action

“Sign up now to receive email updates about new content added daily!” We’re all familiar with that phrase that we subconsciously un-check when making an online purchase, or that pop-up box that requires you to enter your email address before you can continue viewing content on a website. This new-age call-to-action that has swept this […]

Creating Content for Visitors

Every website needs content, but we are still surprised how often the quality of that content gets overlooked. It is imperative that you understand that every bit of content on your site represents your brand, your mission and how you do business. Inspire Confidence Every Brand takes a different approach to getting their message across. […]

DREAM: Data Rules Everything Around Me

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to speak at my favorite local conference, TechPhx. This was the first conference I attended, while then employed, and realized — I can do more. I need to start something for myself — and (after a quick pivot) Marketing Press was born. This year, I presented on making Data […]