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Marketing Plans For Small Business

Running a successful small business is tough. It’s not for the faint of heart, but you’ve made it this far — right? Now it’s time to step it up and grab a larger market share, increase revenues and live to fight another day. That’s what this article is about — getting things started or re-started […]

Investing in your Website’s Content

Investing in the content your company or organization publishes can be one of the most effective ways of building your audience, fan base and to spread your brand’s message. However, a dedicated Content Marketing Strategy requires Research, Resources and Commitment. These three components are often the difference between successful campaigns, and one that leaves you […]

WordCamp Phoenix 2014 Presentation

Thanks everyone for attending our presentation at WordCamp Phoenix 2014. We’ve made our presentation available both on the Marketing Press YouTube channel with a voiceover and on Slideshare. We appreciate all of your great feedback and your kind words. If you have any questions about anything you read or hear, please leave a comment and […]

Finding Content For Your Blog

Finding content to write about is one the biggest stumbling blocks to writing. Without a topic or a path there is nothing for you to say. So where do you find content to write about to keep your site’s blog rolling? I’ll let you in on my secret that really isn’t a secret. I actually […]