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Video Content Tips To Better Your Marketing

Using video is a powerful tool for your WordPress site. Video allows you to connect with your audience in a manner that no other can. When people watch your videos they can put faces with the name and the work of the brand, plus get to know you and ultimately decide if you are a […]

How Often Should I Blog?

Recently I was a guest on WPWatercooler, where we discussed blogging for your business. Blogging (as always) turned into a discussion about content creation, which turned into the goals of creating content and how often content should be published. Content frequency is a great discussion, and one that is often overlooked. The Marketing Press team […]

What is Content Marketing and How It Can Help You

What Is Content Marketing? One of the best marketing strategies revolves around publishing content. Understanding what Content Marketing and creating a tacticĀ around it can help spread your brand to a new audience, increase conversion rates and distance yourself from the competition. But, what exactly is content Marketing?   How Does Producing Original Online Content Help […]

25 Tips For New Bloggers

Everyone talks about how important content marketing and a good content strategy is for brands. Marketing Press agrees, that with the combination of good content and strategic WordPress Development you can elevate your company’s (or your) profile to another level. But how do you get started? While it will take some time and energy, it’s […]