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WordCamp Phoenix 2014 Presentation

Thanks everyone for attending our presentation at WordCamp Phoenix 2014. We’ve made our presentation available both on the Marketing Press YouTube channel with a voiceover and on Slideshare. We appreciate all of your great feedback and your kind words. If you have any questions about anything you read or hear, please leave a comment and […]

Finding Content For Your Blog

Finding content to write about is one the biggest stumbling blocks to writing. Without a topic or a path there is nothing for you to say. So where do you find content to write about to keep your site’s blog rolling? I’ll let you in on my secret that really isn’t a secret. I actually […]

Why Blog?

Starting a blog is a terrific way to get your voice heard and position you as a subject matter expert. I typically blog about WordPress Development, and other issues related to startups, and small business. Blogging does not need to be work-related only. Many people blog for therapeutic reasons, or to keep in touch with family, […]

How To Get More Blog Traffic

Like other things in digital marketing there is no exact science to getting more traffic to your blog. There are guidelines and best practices, but no magic bullet. Instead, there is measuring and analyzing. Knowing your audience and delivering. Trial, error and experimenting. Here are some things I do to help Marketing Press increase it’s […]