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The Power of A-B Testing and Lead Generation |Season THREE Episode 2 | Marketing Press TV

Recently, we tried an experiment on our Bullhorn WordPress Plugin site. We wanted to A/B test pricing on the site vs. no pricing on the site, and which would yield a better conversion rate. What we found out was pretty interesting. While, the non-pricing version actually produced a better conversion rate, it delivered a poor […]

How Different Does Your Business Look |Season THREE Episode 1 | Marketing Press TV

This is usually what happens when you start a business: you envision things one way, only to give it to the public and one, two, three or more years later it looks dramatically different. In the premier episode of season three I speak to my good friend Josh Cobb of Stepps.au about this topic. Check […]

Year in Review: Marketing Press FIVE |Episode 63 | Marketing Press TV

Another year is almost in the books. 2015 was a great year all around for Marketing Press. We launched new projects for great clients, learned a thing or two about business and life. In 2015 we opened offices in San Diego, CA and Berkeley Heights, NJ and saw a lot of great people do so […]

Splitting Your Content Into Segments |Episode 62 | Marketing Press TV

Splitting your content into different segments has many benefits. Your audience can more easily digest what you are discussing, and as a content creator, it allows you to elaborate on different aspects of your topic. (Plus a side benefit is giving your audience a reason to keep coming back to your site.) As stated in […]