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Marketing Press Moves To Tempe

In a little bit of Marketing Press news, I want to proudly announce that Marketing Press has moved to Tempe. The new Marketing Press office is located on 502 S College Ave, in the Studios 5C building. Since the beginning Marketing Press has had a relationship with the other businesses within the 5C environment. The […]

Seven Things I’ve Learned Running Marketing Press

June 1st is a milestone day for us at Marketing Press. Today is the date that we set forward and (forcefully) left the ranks of the employed back into the entrepreneurial world to the business iteration that is known as Marketing Press. It has been a fun road, and I want to thank all of […]

Jumpstart Your Business

I love technology, I love innovation, I love disruption. I don’t like seeing good things fail, because of too much attention spent on things that aren’t as important as other things. In my opinion, too many conversations in business start with “What happened to XYZ company?” And the answer usually sounds like, “yeah, that company […]

The Marketing Press Process

Our last post ‘Transparency in WordPress and Business‘ started off this thing. There’s no better place to follow up that title than with us talking about our WordPress Development process. This is our process. This process works for us and our clients. What this isn’t is something I am telling every reader that they should […]