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Why Build A New Website

We talk a lot about why you should build a new website, and how your current site isn’t meeting your business needs. Your goals aren’t being met, and it is time to change things up a little. We’ve all been there. If you’ve worked with us before, you know these are the conversations Marketing Press […]

MarketingPodcasts.com – A Podcast Discovery Tool

Marketing Press is excited to show off our latest launch, MarketingPodcasts.com. Over the summer, Marketing Press client, Jay Baer challenged our team to build a WordPress site that serves as a search engine specifically for marketing podcasts. Throughout our conversations, Jay kept going back to the fact that if you are a fan of podcasts, […]

Clients Doing Awesome: Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation

Phoenix Children’s Hospital ranks among the nation’s leading Pediatric Facilities. They have improved the quality of care for children in the Arizona for decades. We are proud to have Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation as a client, and prouder yet of the “awesome” they provide for our community. The Phoenix Children’s Hospital Annual Holiday of Hope […]

Introducing Marketing Press’ WordPress Maintenance Services

Marketing Press is excited to announce our new WordPress Maintenance Service. Since, 2010 the Marketing Press team has been committed to building WordPress sites that help companies and brands achieve their desired results on the web. We see the new WordPress Maintenance Service as an extension to our commitment to helping our clients achieve extraordinary […]