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Google Translate For WordPress

Does your WordPress site reach an international audience? If you don’t know, Google Analytics can give you the answer. If your site has an international reach, you should consider having multiple language options for your users. Enter: Google Translate for WordPress. Google Translate will quickly translate your WordPress site’s content into the languages of your […]

Marketing Press TV Episode 2: Review, Refine, Repeat

This is by far one of my favorite marketing and WordPress development tactics. Review, Refine and Repeat is the effective way to monitor and gauge your web and digital marketing efforts. Review Keeping track of your metrics and analytics, always be reviewing how things are performing. If your don’t have analytics and the proper tools […]

Keeping Your WordPress Site Fast

Your WordPress site should be fast. No one likes to visit or get information from a slow site. WordPress sometimes gets a bad rap from the marketing world, because sites may tend to be slower. This is 100% on the site manager and the WordPress developer. If your site is slow — it’s your fault […]

What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

Someone a long time ago told me perception is reality. I forgot who it was, but they were right. Maybe, it was in a Marketing 101 class in college, but it’s always stuck with me. If perception is reality — what perception does your website say about you? This a powerful thought, and maybe scary […]