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The Marketing Press FIVE : Episode 10 Marketing Press TV

Thanks for watching our video series. In the second installment of the Marketing Press 5, learn more about what makes Marketing Press Founder Greg Taylor tick. One last thing before we let you go…please subscribe to Marketing Press on YouTube where we give our viewers quick WordPress Tips & Tricks, plus Digital Marketing How-To’s. You […]

Using PowerPress To Submit Your Podcast To iTunes

When we launched Marketing Press TV, we wanted to get the podcast into iTunes. iTunes makes it easy for people to subscribe to your broadcasts and receive the content on mobile devices. The more I looked into it, the more complicated it seemed. Apple needs the data formatted in a specific manner, so the data […]

Selecting The Right Domain : Episode 9 Marketing Press TV

Selecting the right domain when starting your business or launching your brand is one of the most important decision you will make. Select the wrong domain, and change it later you’ve set all your SEO and branding initiatives back. But if you get this right in the beginning you can start to build brand equity […]

Common Web Design Mistakes that Drive Visitors Crazy

While surfing the web, it isn’t all that uncommon to stumble upon a site where an aspect of the design makes you cringe. For the most part these are design faux pas, antiquated online tactics or just blatant disregard to common sense. Here is our list of common design mistakes that drive your visitors crazy. […]