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WordPress SEO Tips : Episode 17 Marketing Press TV

When it comes to SEO for your WordPress site there are no shortcuts. If the average person tries to outsmart the search engines it will usually end poorly for them. Slow and steady will always win this race. Please subscribe to Marketing Press TV on YouTube – where we give our viewers quick WordPress Tips […]

Remove Comment Spam With One-Click

No one like SPAM. Well, may be that’s not true — I know Hawaiians like to eat Spam, but I think that is probably the extent of it. What we are discussing is WordPress Blog comment spam, which I am certain no one in their right mind likes. Comment spam is annoying, not useful and […]

Why Use WordPress For Your Site – Episode 16 Marketing Press TV

Marketing Press talks a lot about how to use WordPress and what’s best for your WordPress site, but let’s back up a moment and talk about why you should use WordPress in the first place. While you’re at it, please subscribe to Marketing Press TV on iTunes and never miss an episode. Transcript: Today, I […]

Video Content Tips To Better Your Marketing

Using video is a powerful tool for your WordPress site. Video allows you to connect with your audience in a manner that no other can. When people watch your videos they can put faces with the name and the work of the brand, plus get to know you and ultimately decide if you are a […]