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Convert WordPress Posts To Pages and Vice Versa

When Marketing Press refreshes some WordPress sites often we see Pages that should be Posts and vice versa. We have run into a lot of this lately and it can be frustrating. Using the wrong content template can make your site tough to navigate, so it’s really important to set things right — and keep […]

Best Genesis Themes

The best WordPress themes are the ones that help your site achieve its goals. Marketing Press prefers to work with Genesis child themes, when not creating custom WordPress sites — so here are our recent favorites. Here are a couple of themes that make our job easier and ones that get our clients on the […]

Where Do We Get Our WordPress News

The WordPress Community is always evolving. As a community we grow, teach, and learn from one another. So, the question at hand is: Where Do We Go To Get News On WordPress?” There are plenty of places to get news on our favorite CMS, WordPress. There’s no shortage of sites, but in my mind a […]

Speed Up Your WordPress Site

No one likes a slow WordPress site. No one. The need for speed isn’t just a line from a movie, but it’s a real necessity. Speed is what sometimes separates the WordPress professional and the hobbyist (and it shows.) The benefits of a fast site (whether on WordPress or other platforms) and the work it […]