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WordPress / Digital Marketing Content Questionnaire

Thank you for stopping by and reading our blog and watching our Marketing Press TV videos. It’s that time of year where we want to see what’s working, what’s not working and hear about what you want to read and watch. If you’d see so kind as to fill out this simple form and let […]

Website Optimization and Content Marketing Interview

Recently, I was interviewed by BJ Smith of The Busy Marketer Podcast. BJ and I discuss the evolution of Marketing Press WordPress Development, Data Driven Development, Content Marketing and all sorts of other things. This interview was a lot fun — give it a listen, subscribe to The Busy Marketer and get more interviews like […]

How To Choose A WordPress Theme : Episode 13 Marketing Press TV

Finding the best theme for your WordPress site doesn’t need to be that difficult. Think about the out of the box functionality you need to move toward the goals of your site. Is the theme you’re looking at well-supported. How good is the theme documentation. Does the theme developer have a good business and reputation? […]

Data Driven Development

Data Driven WordPress Development is a process that Marketing Press has been evolving over the last four years. I guess it helps if we explain: What is Data Driven Development, ¬†How we came up with the process, and How this process benefits our clients. What is Data Driven Development Data Driven Development is the¬†process where […]