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Getting Back To Basics | Episode 50 : Marketing Press TV

As busy as we all get in this crazy WordPress world it’s important to remmeber what got you where you are and what makes you successful. Please subscribe to Marketing Press TV on YouTube. We give our viewers quick WordPress Tips & Tricks, plus Digital Marketing How-To’s. You can also get updates automatically by subscribing […]

Why We Love Video Content | Episode 49 : Marketing Press TV

It’s no secret Marketing Press loves video content for the site. Video content allows us to explain the content to an audience while preserving some context. Without context, some content may get misunderstood. Videos give you an opportunity to connect with your audience in a way that the written word is not able to — […]

Are You Ready For Google’s Non-Mobile Site Penalty | Episode 48 : Marketing Press TV

Starting April 21, 2015 Google will penalize all non-mobile friendly sites. Is your site responsive, mobile friendly and ready for the new algorithm update? (Google to Start Penalizing Non-Mobile Sites) Whare are your thoughts? Let us know and share this video on your favorite social media channel — let’s discuss. Please subscribe to Marketing Press […]

My FIVE Daily Habits For Success – Marketing Press FIVE : Episode 47 Marketing Press TV

We’ve been overdue for a Marketing Press FIVE. Today, I want to share the five habits I try to empart on a daily basis. These habits are simple, effective and I believe contribute directly to success. Sweat and exercise everyday Learn something. Read, listen to TED talks, listen to podcasts and keep learning Make good […]