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Here Comes Another Post About The New Year

Here we are again…another year has come and gone. Every year I sit down and write this post, and every year I am humbled by all the great people that support Marketing Press. This year was an incredible year, and it’s because of all of you. Everyone who hired us and trusted us with their […]

Why A Personal Branding Site Is Important : Episode 32 Marketing Press TV

If personal branding is important to you than why wouldn’t you want to have a personal branding site. This will be a place on the web where you own your own brand and content vs. allowing a company to dictate where your personal brands goes. Please subscribe to Marketing Press TV on YouTube – where […]

Removing -2 In WordPress URLS

We get asked this question all the time — why is there a -2 at the end of my page’s link? I know how frustrated people are when they get their site dialed in and ready for the world and notice the dreaded -2. (If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out the […]

Figure It Out : Episode 31 Marketing Press TV

No matter what you are faced with it’s your responsibility to figure it all out. Today on Marketing Press TV I tell a story about getting my car towed in NYC at the age of 22, and the best piece of advice I received to remedy the situation. Please subscribe to Marketing Press TV on […]