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About Greg Taylor

Hopelessly addicted to music. Phoenix Suns Fan. Founder of Marketing Press. Rutgers Grad. Manchester United Supporter. Originally from NJ, now Tempe, AZ is home.

Build A Coming Soon Page In 2 Minutes

[A while ago we posted about the WordPress Ultimate Coming Soon Page Plugin, but the new PRO version is so good -- I wanted to write another post about it.] Ever have a client that while their project is in development has an event that comes up and needs to stake their claim to their […]

What is Content Marketing and How It Can Help You

What Is Content Marketing? One of the best marketing strategies revolves around publishing content. Understanding what Content Marketing and creating a tactic¬†around it can help spread your brand to a new audience, increase conversion rates and distance yourself from the competition. But, what exactly is content Marketing?   How Does Producing Original Online Content Help […]

Where To Find WordPress Help : Episode 11 Marketing Press TV

Everyone needs some help from time to time. If you are looking for help with using WordPress or WordPress Development, here are some great places to find the help you need. Remember — if anyone helps you along the WordPress continuum, turn around and help someone else. That’s what keeps our community moving in a […]

Marketing Press Moves To Tempe

In a little bit of Marketing Press news, I want to proudly announce that Marketing Press has moved to Tempe. The new Marketing Press office is located on 502 S College Ave, in the Studios 5C building. Since the beginning Marketing Press has had a relationship with the other businesses within the 5C environment. The […]