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About Greg Taylor

Hopelessly addicted to music. Phoenix Suns Fan. Founder of Marketing Press. Collaborator at Gangplank. Contributing author to Tales of a Startup. Originally from NJ, now Tempe, AZ is home.

How We Use Levers Blueprint For Forecasting Google Analytics Metrics

Levers Blueprint is an exciting, free, easy to use tool that helps site managers and content creators understand their Google Analytics trends. Blueprint helps you understand what is happening with your site’s traffic, and visually shows you your e-commerce, goal completions, or pageviews and forecasts the trends. More than that, Blueprint gives you insight into […]

Sidebar Strategies : Episode 6 Marketing Press TV

WordPress sidebars are not like the junk drawer in your kitchen. When placing sidebars on your WordPress site think about how valuable the on-page real estate is and how the content placed there will add value to your user’s experience. Sidebars should be used for conversion and introducing other related content to your audience. This […]

Restricting Your Content With Gravity Forms

Recently a client needed Marketing Press to restrict some of their content from the general public. Rather than adding members to the site, this client wanted users to trade their contact information for downloading white papers or viewing their webinars. We wanted to develop something easy and cost-effective, so we looked at what resources we […]

The Marketing Press FIVE: Episode 5 Marketing Press TV

Here’s a little bonus video from Marketing Press. Get to know Marketing Press a little better by hearing about our favorite blogs, favorite YouTube Channel, favorite music, fav WordPress plugins and what music we’re listening to or books we’re reading. Every five episodes of Marketing Press TV, we’ll do a quick little top 5 video. […]