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About Greg Taylor

Hopelessly addicted to music. Phoenix Suns Fan. Founder of Marketing Press. Rutgers Grad. Manchester United Supporter. Originally from NJ, now Tempe, AZ is home.

Automate Your Business : Episode 39 Marketing Press TV

Here are some ways you can automate your business so you or your staff isn’t doubling all of your efforts. Nothing is worse having to repeat the same tasks over and over — check out these ideas and see how they can help you. Please subscribe to Marketing Press TV on YouTube – where we […]

Create a Free WordPress Site Curated From Instagram And Help A Good Cause

Last year we adopted a three-year old Yellow-Lab mix from HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix, AZ. Joey, as we renamed him has given us so much happiness that we want to give back to the great people of HALO. As proud owners of Joey The Dog, of course we take a lot of pictures of […]

WordPress Maintenance Best Practices : Episode 37 Marketing Press TV

WordPress maintenance is an integral part of any WordPress site. Every site owner should have at least a simple WordPress maintenance plan in place. At a minimum it’s important you: Backup the database Do a complete site backup Optimize the database and delete old outdated revisions Update WordPress Update all plugins Delete comment spam Please […]

What Does Your Site’s Messaging Say : Episode 36 Marketing Press TV

What does your site’s messaging say about you? Does it let people know who you are, exactly what you do, and how you can help them? If you can’t answer this question with an emphatic YES, chances are you are falling short. If you fall short here, you are losing out on visitors, prospects, and […]