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What Do Marketing Press’ Clients Say?

Audience Audit

“Marketing Press is a pleasure to work with, in every respect. Smart but without the giant ego of some developers, the team works with clients to achieve their vision in the best way possible — with careful attention to their interests, and thoughtful recommendations.” • Susan Baier / Audience Audit


“If you need to take your web presence to the next level, Marketing Press are the guys to see. They are fast, honest, innovative and totally on top of it. Highly recommended!” • Jay Baer / Convince and Convert


“We highly recommend Marketing Press. They took the time to understand our project and made suggestions that fit our needs. Once our site was completed, they went the extra mile by provide training for our team. Thanks Marketing Press.” • Jill Hoffman / Scott’s Market Place

Creating Content for Visitors

Every website needs content, but we are still surprised how often the quality of that content gets overlooked. It is imperative that you understand that every bit of content on your site represents your brand, your mission and how you do … [Read more]

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Create a Free WordPress Site Curated From Instagram And Help A Good Cause

Last year we adopted a three-year old Yellow-Lab mix from HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix, AZ. Joey, as we renamed him has given us so much happiness that we want to give back to the great people of HALO. As proud owners of Joey The Dog, of course … [Read more]

WordPress Maintenance Best Practices : Episode 37 Marketing Press TV WordPress maintenance is an integral part of any WordPress site. Every site owner should have at least a simple WordPress maintenance plan in place. At a minimum it's important you: Backup the database Do a … [Read more]